• Applicable for the W-Series and WD-Series
  • Can be installed with the edges exposed, or can be covered by a drywall, plaster, stucco or tongue-and-groove ceiling treatment.
  • Frames are compatible with the W-Series and WD-Series heaters fitting 33'', 39'', 61¼'' fixtures.
  • Select an area with a flat ceiling and minimum 2'' x 8'' studs, where the heater can face straight down when recessed.
  • Requires a 5-sided 5/8'' drywall lined pocket with a (1) hour fire rating.
  • Must have a ½'' clearance from ventilation holes when using a decorative trim covering flange.
  • Heater/Frame must be permanently installed and hard wired by a licensed electrician.
  • All electrical connections must be in compliance with the National Electric Code.

Infratech Frame